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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I just add anything I think is cool?

We prefer 'Way Cool' Products, Inovations or News. We have a broad category which serves as a guideline to what we feel people would search to find 'the best of the best'. We are not trying to be another site to share just funny, silly or amusing photos, but rather a site that provides a user filtered and managed search engine for WAY COOL innovations, products & news. A reality "Best of the Best" out there in the World Wide Web. Lastly, help keep it clean please. No adult/porn, gross/shocking, or illegal content is allowed.

Which of the items listed does sell?

None, and therefore we don't have a bias toward any items. As you can see they are user contributed and listed by user popularity (votes scoring) or can be listed how recent the addition is. We don't plan to sell any of the items, however, we do provide links to other sites to purchase the popular items and also have some minor ad space (see Google ads on right hand side).

It says I've already voted but I hadn't been here before?

Sign in! You can vote without signing in but the only way to identify you uniquely to limit it to 1 vote per person is by using your internet IP address. However, that address is sometimes shared with other computers on your local network. By signing in we assign you a unique User ID so you can vote on everything you see and/or contribute your favorite items or comments to warn others.

How are items scored?

Each item is awarded points based on a vote. The score is the total for all the points. The point system for a single vote is currently as follows:

2 points for Way Cool
1 points for Cool
0 point for Normal
-1 point for Uncool

What is the user scoring?

User scoring is a quick rating system to award active users. It is based on a simple total of 1 point for each vote, and 10 points for each item added.

What do I get for having Top Score?

A free dinner at a restaurant of your choice in any country of the world! No, just joking. There are currently no awards for high score other that the appreciation of the developers and/or owner of this site and notice by other users that YOU are a very active member here.

I know of a 'way cool' item, but how can I find an image to add?

Have you tried 'Google Images'?. Under 'fair use' rules, after search, you can right click most browsers to 'save image as...' and upload that thumbnail image (but be sure to jot down the domain [] info on that and add it to preserve credit to it's source).

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